Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 6

Recived 8/8/15
Robbie is settling in and tuckered out from a
long day of playing in the back yard and
meeting the family! We are all so in love with
him already! Such a sweet and gentle boy.
Thank you.


Received 10/5/15
Hi Lois,

Nice talking with you today.  Here's
some pictures of Bentley from this
summer doing some of his favorite
things.  He loves tennis balls, the
beach and of course, his brother,

Thank you,


Bently was one of our 2013 Pups

Received 7/12/10
Hi Lois,
Its Stacy, Ron, and family.  Just letting you know how things are going with our baby girl.  She slept the entire
drive to her new home and was perfect in the car. First of all, we renamed her from Carra to Lily. She caught on
very quickly and has been playing with our other dogs and cats. She seems to be very happy. She loves to
play and run in our backyard- its large and fenced in. The crate training is great, she hasn’t had any accidents
in it! “She’s a good girl.” J A couple in the house, but nothing to worry about. Having the other dogs, she
follows along and goes along with them.  Many times she has slept on the couch with me and I believe she
feels like she is only a couple pounds…lol. She loves to be a lap dog! Her personality is great. We have given
her baths and she does good with them too. Next step is her grooming appt. We will let send you pictures after

Overall she is doing very well and we are enjoying her very much! The kids just think she is the greatest and
neighbors have been over to meet her. We will keep you updated on her and send you pictures as we take
them. She is growing quickly and is cuter every day!

Hope all is well with you and thank you for Lily. I have attached some of the many pictures we have taken…
Stacy and family

Received 7/12/09
You were so right about Buddy.  He is making such a hit here in Sheffield, Pa.  
He is jogging with me and he is up to two miles.  He meets the kids, and really
growing.  He is training so well and I am sure as he matures he will even get
better.  I am so pleased with him, I am going to have him chipped, and I forgot
how much fun it was to groom.  It helps the blood pressure for sure.  I hope to
begin buddies 3 mile + to the cemetery this week.  I am making sure he is not
worn out and that he is able to do it by working up slowly.  I have had offers to
help other people with their dogs training but want to continue with buddies
first.  He is house training quite well.  Everyone likes his color, and several
people are asking where I got him, and they all like the fact he is not a toy.  
Here is a few pictures of him so you might see his progress.  If I do have
people who want a pup I will send them to you.  I really do like his personalty,
color, and temper.  He enjoys grooming.  Well I will keep in touch and just so
you know I am also ring training him just like my other dogs.  I think he is great,
and I do appreciate you letting me have him.

Chuck & Deb
Here's hoping you're having a great day!
Received 7/28/2009

Dear Lois,
Here FINALLY are some new pictures of Lucy.  She just
had her first poodle haircut yesterday and looks
beautiful.  The groomer said she was just great!  We are
just having so much fun with Lucy and she is loved so
much.  She is truly part of our family.  She is so smart
imagining this?)  Our little daughter Grace (in the picture)
and I take Lucy for a walk almost every morning.  On
one of our journeys we even met a 5 month old standard
she and Lucy love to play together.  Lucy is growing
well, and was about 17 lbs. the other day.  I sometimes
worry if she is eating enough because she doesn't worry
if she is eating enough because she doesn't always
seem to want to finish her food, but she is full of always
seem to want to finish her food, but she is full of energy
and a happy girl, so I am not worrying about it energy
and a happy girl, so I am not worrying about it too
much.  I hope you are having a great summer!!  Talk to
you soon,

Received 3/10/16

Hi, Lois -

Christian is doing great.  He's housebroken,
sweet, fun, and is starting puppy classes on
Saturday.  I had him groomed on Tuesday
... doesn't he look handsome?

Received 3/16/2016


Bear is doing great! We enjoy
him and I think he enjoys us!!

Thanks again.


Bear is one of our 2014 Pups